The Scariest Damn Thing

Okay, so this happened, just now. Here’s what you need to know. My department is split between two office suites. The suite my part of the department is in is here down the hall. The other part of the department is where the fridge is. And, usually, the only person down there when I get in is B_________. So, I stopped in there first, to put my food in the fridge, and then I poked my head into B________’s office to say “Good morning.” Her office was empty. It’s the only office with a light on. No biggie. I walked back toward the front door of the suite.

I heard footsteps behind me, like B_____ coming out of one of the other rooms.

“Good morning,” I called out. Nothing. “Hello? Hello?”

I take a step back into the room debating on whether I should just make sure that B________ sees that it’s me. I decide that it’s not that important and, if she didn’t answer me, it’s because she’s got a pen in her mouth and her arms are full (which is often the case). I turn back around and open the door to a startled B______ who has been down in the bathroom.

The sight of her–a person I know to be in the suite behind me–is so fucking scary that I start to shake and tear up.

We search the suite together. It is empty.