I went to Noshville for lunch and it was hilarious. They were swamped with Kentucky fans. It took me a half an hour to get my meal. And it was kind of sad because usually, when I go to Noshville, I’m with someone and we’re gossiping and laughing, but today, I just wanted fries and to be left alone, so I sat there and then bemoaned the fact that the Professor wasn’t there making me laugh.

But a guy with purple hair and mirrored sunglasses sat next to me and ordered the most food I have ever seen a person eat. And then he spent all this time making sure everything was exactly right–all his silverware in the right place, that he had the jelly he wanted, that he had enough napkins.

And, at first, I was blown away by the idea that this guy who went to such lengths to portray himself as a hip rocker dude would be so precise in his eating.

But then I wondered if I wasn’t missing the precision involved in making sure you look like that every day.

Anyway, he was nice. I said goodbye to him when I left and he said, “It was nice to see you,” in a way that made me feel like I was nice to see. I don’t know. It kind of made me blush.