Projects A-Go-Go

So, I have kind of decided I’m not submitting anything for the rest of the year. I only have one thing out now and it’s a long shot, and I just don’t want to think about that stuff at the moment.

I have entered all my corrections into the Ben & Sue project and I have read through it and I’m less depressed about it than I have been. I’m going to ask a couple of people to read it and then I am also going to set it aside for a bit.

I’m working on a red afghan for the Red-Headed Kid, which should be cool.

I’m hoping to see more art from Project X.

And here’s what I’m turning my attention to–I’m going to try to write a children’s story. A spooky, ghostly children’s story, so that I have something to read to kids if I’m asked to come read creepy things to them.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what scared me as a kid and I have to tell you, it was the green pants with no one inside them. I could not read that story by myself when I was a kid. The picture of the pants riding the bike by themselves? Scared the shit out of me. I was terrified of accidentally seeing it. That’s what I’m kind of wanting to do. Something like that. I have an artist volunteering to illustrate it. But whew, I am excited and intimidated.

5 thoughts on “Projects A-Go-Go

  1. That book is insane. I never read it as a kid, and I should probably thank god for that. Casey doesn’t seem to find it scary, but I do.

  2. I’m really excited. I had been mulling it over since the fourth graders, but then on Saturday, I got cornered by this artist who was all “You should do this and I’ll illustrate it.” So, now I just need to get on it.

  3. That was, hands-down, the story that scared me most as a kid. I remember standing in the aisle at Target two years ago, holding the 25th anniversary edition thinking, “Ok, does my need to share the Sneeches with W outweigh how scary the last story is in this book?” (It did, but I gave it some thought.)

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