Tall Betsy?!

Betsy is the most boring name ever. Maybe not ever. But you maybe get to be a flag maker. There’s the unfortunate Betsy Wetsy doll. And then, nothing. Betsy. It’s hard to imagine a President Betsy Hollingsworth, because you know, unless she were just a Betsy (like me), she’d be President Elizabeth Hollingsworth.

Oh, we have Sweet Betsy from Pike, who is both sweet and has a lover, which are nice things to aspire to for anyone, really.

But it’s not like being named Betsy leads to interesting questions. No one is all “Oh, Betsy. Are you named after Jevon Kearse?” because, well, obviously, that’s a stupid question. Or they’re not “Oh, so you must love the legend of the Hook-Handed Betsy!” because there is no legend of the anything Betsy until now.

Apparently Cleveland, Tennessee has a legend of Tall Betsy, who eats little kids! I mean, sure it sounds bad, but I’m sure she has her reasons. Anyway, Tall Betsy. That is awesome and it pleases me.

12 thoughts on “Tall Betsy?!

  1. I often associate boring with common. And insofar as Betsy is not common, I do not think it is so easily characterized as boring.

  2. I can’t be Betci Teckla. It’s too confusing with the cs making different noises. I’ll just stick with Betsy and hope one of us does something nefarious or that Tall Betsy catches on.

    Hurray, W! Report back if you learn anything either way.

  3. That would be awesome! Because I have no idea how to make my keyboard even do that. How obnoxious to spell my name in a way I can’t even spell! I love it.

  4. Ooh, Understood Betsy! I loved that book. Also, B, you hold the Alt key and the c at the same time and get ç. Or at least you ought to.

  5. Oh, it is a lovely book about a little girl in early 20th C.? US who goes from her rather stifling, overprotective aunts in Chicago(?) to live with her no-nonsense Yankee aunts in Maine (?). In the process she goes from being Elizabeth to Betsy. If you like youngish girls’ books, I hope you’ll check it out.

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