Thanksgiving and Stuff

Our Thanksgiving situation has been resolved with far less trauma than I imagined would be involved. And I’m going to get to meet my niece!

I think the main thing I miss about having a dog is that I feel like my soul is smaller, like it has retreated back into the shell of my body. The thing about a dog is that it is just constantly producing wonder. You wonder if it needs to go outside. You wonder where it will be in the house when you get home. You wonder if it would enjoy going to the park or going for a car ride.

I just don’t wonder about the cats in the same way. And the cats never look at me with the same sense of “Oh, wow, it’s you!” Don’t get me wrong. The orange cat especially is trying to fill in–making sure the Butcher has someone to nap with and that I have someone to at least do some of my walk with. But he can’t fake sincerity and there’s always a bit of slyness in a cat, a bit of aloofness that lets you know his whole heart is not with you.

And I just miss having someone around the house who is all in. I miss there being someone I can be all in with, too.