Another Lunch Alone at Noshville

I have to admit, having lunch by myself at Noshville is kind of becoming my new favorite thing. Today I sat by a couple of people from Will Hoge’s team (management, I think) and they were trying to coordinate things for a tour and it was really fascinating. Do you pay people their per diems up front or weekly or what? How can we make sure the band gets to see redwood trees? What’s the best way to make sure things go smoothly between the artist and the venue? If we need to be in city x on this date, how early do we have to leave the previous city? Who needs to be where when? Do we have a driver we like for this stretch? And on and on. I have rarely ever been involved in a meeting that was as productive as these two guys were just whooping out over lunch

I didn’t hear any good Will Hoge gossip, but listening to them hashing out all these details was really interesting.


I did nothing all weekend. It was glorious. Yesterday, I didn’t even leave the house. This morning, on my walk, I thought about how nice it would be if every day were like yesterday, but then I thought about it and it would suck. To not get any real writing done? To not be alone? To have nothing to do? Ugh. No thanks.

But it was nice for one day and kind of got me mentally prepared for the chaos of the coming week.

At least, I hope it does.