The Ghost Dog Cat

Last night, I heard Sadie in the den, growling at something. This scared the shit out of me, as you might imagine. But I was determined to face the ghost dog myself because I have had some bouts of insanity recently and I just could not bear the idea of having to go wake the Butcher up to investigate the ghost of a dog I love. I mean, it’s not like, in death, she’s finally going to rip my throat out or something, even though, in life, she could never work up the ambition.

So, I went into the den, where the noise was ongoing and loud and I flipped on the light and the orange cat looked over at me like “What? Someone‘s got to growl at things out the window.”

Yes, it was him, doing his best impersonation of the dog. I didn’t see what he was growling at out the window, but I bet, whatever it was, it thought the cat was weird as fuck, all growling like a dog.

Cats. I just don’t know.


5 thoughts on “The Ghost Dog Cat

  1. My recently deceased big black cat used to growl at strangers out the window. Maintenance guys, UPS guys, neighbor kids. People *inside* were fine. Then he was all Oh let me sniff you, stranger, you may pet my head.

  2. I frequently have pets do one distinctive behavior(once!) of a recently dead one. I just feel it’s a final goodby.
    But it’s usually not cross species either.

  3. The weird thing about the orange cat is that he does seem to think that there are just things that have to be done around the house, things he would prefer not to have to do, but Sadie isn’t around to do them, so someone has to and you can’t depend on New Kitty. So, fine, he’ll let the Butcher use him as a pillow during football. And fine, he’ll sniff guests and come hang out by the bonfire. But he’s not going to like it!

  4. So he’s just very responsible. And maybe tell him that the growling-like-Sadie is just freaky. Being a cat also means he’s free to ignore you.
    (I had a helper mechanic cat this weekend who beat-up my paper towels and dis-arranged all my metric sockets. So I know helper cats right now.)

  5. I’ve noticed that while cats are a bit strange to start with, any cats that live with you develop really colorful habits over time.

    When the New Kitty starts burning sage and creating a working on some local problem in the backyard, don’t say I didn’t warn you. :)

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