More Circumstantial Finnelson Evidence

Joseph Brown was kidnapped by the Cherokee back in the day. I stumbled upon his account of his captivity this afternoon. In it, he talks about a woman who was also held captive by the Cherokee, who was bought by a guy who Finnelson was working for. (Brown calls him Findelston, but it’s there in Running Water, which is Finnelson’s home). A Creek dude comes along and tries to steal the woman’s child and Finnelson has to run for help to get the kid back.

Thus, to me, lending credence to my theory that Finnelson didn’t trust the Creeks.

There are still people of Cherokee descent named Finleyson, so the name still lingers. But here’s the weird part. The place that used to be Finelson or Finleyson, Georgia? It’s in Pulaski County, Georgia. Pulaski County is where the Creek Confederacy had its capitol.