The Yellow Lab

It appears we will meet him, probably on Friday, and take him home with us if we hit it off. He is a “young adult.” Since his hobbies included sitting in laps and cuddling, I’m guessing he’s not yet full grown. On the other hand, my cousin A. has two chocolate labs and they are full grown and sit in her lap. So, we’ll see.

We don’t know about names yet. I’ve been arguing for Sonny Boy Williamson III. The Butcher is kind of leaning toward Grendel. But we’ll see when we meet him and what name the foster family gave him and what kind of dog he seems like.

I feel really happy and really sad. I miss having a dog so much. I feel like I’ve been running around with half my heart missing. And so I’m really excited to bring home another dog. But this also makes it really real. Sadie is really gone. She filled our house and then our house was empty of her and now it will be filled with a dog again, but it won’t be her. I didn’t know I’d feel so emotional about the end of an absence, but I do.

She was a good dog, such a good dog, and because she was, I want to do it again.

6 thoughts on “The Yellow Lab

  1. What?! No, I didn’t! I thought there were just two. Sonny Boy Williamson IV is even more hilarious to me. I’m going to start pushing for that.

  2. After my Lucy passed away, it took a few months to even want to think about another dog. Then it took another few months to find the right one (and be emotionally ready for it). And even then there have been some moments that have been hard. Minni is an awesome dog and I love her, but I still miss Lucy. However, it helps that Minni and the cat have managed to pick up some of Lucy’s old habits, which I am taking to mean that Lucy approves of the new arrivals.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is; take your time. You’ll know the right dog when you find them. Until then, visiting puppies (or almost puppies) is an acceptable substitute and if Sonny Boy isn’t the one, at least you’ll have had some doggie face time.

  3. We have a year old (mostly) Lab and laps are her favorite spot.
    However, Labs can be overly friendly–even to the point of going off with friendly strangers and will chase almost anything–esp. another animal. Your cousin with the lab may know about this.

    If walking alone brings up too many painful memories, then try this. It worked for me. I switched my place to walk for a bit until the loss eased, then finally went back to the old route.

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