Things I Now Know


More things we have learned. Sonnyboy can’t tell the difference between his reflection in mirrors and windows and real dogs. He doesn’t quite have a sense of where he stops and the world begins. So, I got my ear stepped on, somehow. He sits in the Butcher’s lap. And he won’t pee if you hook him up to a line. But he will go out in the yard then turn around come to the door, and then run out in the yard to pee the second you unhook him.

So, we have to work on that.

He loves the Butcher so much that I admit, I feel a little boring. But I’m going to take him for a walk today, just me and him, and we’ll see how it goes.

This picture is of Sonnyboy and our Labridoodle friend. You can see the differences in dogs pretty clearly. They fell in together like they’d known each other their whole lives.