Setting Less Ambitious Goals for the New Year

–I’m going to submit something else to I’m thinking of sending “Sarah Clark.”

–I’m going to rework the piece they rejected this year and try to find it a home.

–I’m going to finish revising “Allendale” even though nothing will come of it, just for my own sake.

–I’m going to do this kids’ book.

–I’m going to try to drag Project X kicking and screaming into the light of day.

–I’m going to try to find an agent for Ben & Sue.

Wow, well, my goals for 2013 include no new writing, except, of course, for October stuff. That is, seemingly, not good. I’m not a writer. I’m a reviser, submitter, and being-rejected-er.

So, I guess I need to set some real, actually producing content goals, too. But I also want to keep those small. Maybe just two new stories.