Sonnyboy and I Have Incompatible Hobbies

I like to crochet. The dog likes to eat things that have been crocheted. Or carry them around the house or toss them over his head like his own confetti.

Okay, thinking about it, maybe those aren’t incompatible hobbies if one is crocheting things she doesn’t intend to give to the Red-headed Kid.

But it’s not working–in a cutely hilarious manner–at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Sonnyboy and I Have Incompatible Hobbies

  1. Try to shame him by comparing him to a cat. “Only kitties like to play with yarn, dude. That’s sooo feline!”

  2. He would love to have something in common with the cats, who have now banded together in their mutual hatred of him. It reminds me so much of what Sadie went through with them, all moping around the house singing “Old and new kitty, why won’t you love me?” to the tune of that David Duchovny song.

    K. I am seriously considering getting some undyed cotton yarn and doing up something safe for him to chew on. He was having a blast tossing the squares to the Redheaded Kid’s blanket around. It would have been awesome, just his sheer joy, had it not been my big project.

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