Everything Changes, But Not as Quickly as You’d Like

I’m a little money ahead going into the new year, so of course my check engine light has come on and both my fridge and my water heater seem to be leaking. I’d be bummed, but I have to admit, I feel really lucky that I got a little money ahead before this stuff happened. Though I was also hoping to set it aside to print the children’s book. Which, I’m hoping, is not going to be that expensive. I don’t know. Ugh. But excited ugh.

The trouble with signs and omens is that I never know how to read them. But I’d like to take this as a sign that the year of things I feel ambiguously about is over, from one dead of winter to the next.

My friend, S., has been waiting to hear about three things and yesterday, she found out that all three things are happening for her.

And the person who is reading the Ben & Sue project keeps emailing me just to tell me that she likes it so far and it makes me feel like maybe this will be the year I find an agent.

We Enter a Sucky Stage of Training

Day Seven: SonnyBoy is now feeling much more secure and much less anxious, thus meaning it’s time for Boundary Testing! Will I let him tug and tug and tug? Can he just wander off the road and drag me with him? Can’t he just paw the shit out of the Butcher? And what about chasing the cats? Isn’t that fun and cool?

And the reason this part is hard is that the desire to just scream “NNOOOOOO!” for like 26 hours straight is really, really strong. And yet, all that does is set a baseline of unhappiness. So, we’re both trying to remember to heap on the praise for good behavior so that the “No!”s sound like the necessary aberration they will come to be.