Hello U.K. Fans!

Amazon has changed their payment policy. You used to have to earn some minimum before they’d pay you, but now they just pay you whatever you’ve earned in the previous sales cycle. I hadn’t sold enough in the U.K to warrant ever paying me in the long history of A City of Ghosts, so I wasn’t even aware that I’d had any sales in the U.K., but I’ve had a handful!

Which is weird and lovely. I don’t know how those U.K. folks even learned about my book, but I hope they liked it.

Does this Count as a Therapy Dog?

The amount my parents love animals kind of breaks my heart. They never smile so easily as they did meeting and hanging out with Sonnyboy. He’s pretty fantastic, it’s true, but the truth is that they’d be that way about almost any dog. Or cat. Or snake. Or goldfish.

So, we had a really nice evening just hanging out and talking and being charmed by the dog.

I have the first couple rows of the red afghan pieced together, too. It’s pretty marvelous.

The thing that’s bugging me about 2013 is that, even though it sure seems like the year of things I feel ambiguously about is over, it’s made it more difficult for me to trust the nice week I’ve been having. I feel like I’m being set up to be knocked down again. And I have to figure out how to let that go and how to just enjoy the nice times for what they are.

The cats continue to be kind of upset at us. But I think they’re figuring out that the dog is just a doofus. This morning, the three of them were in the kitchen together and there was some hissing, but no one ran. If they can just learn to stand their ground, everything should be fine.