A Litany of My Woes

The plumber still hasn’t called me back.

My car’s real check engine light came on this evening. And my car smelled like wet paint all the way home. So, that’s probably not good.

And I have a million meetings this week.

And I need to get over to the Metro Archives but time and car are conspiring against me.

And the stressful thing that threatens to consume my whole winter is actually forcing me to respond to things more quickly than I had anticipated.

I have feelings. Many stressful feelings.



3 thoughts on “A Litany of My Woes

  1. I wish I lived by you because my first reactions have been I can help- I can do (some) plumbing! Check engine lights (for me) have generally been some annoying fiddly thing that between the auto store(for the code) and the internets, can be resolved without big bucks.
    I’m just wanting to make your world better in the ways that I could, since you give me good things to read.

    But dog pee in the den? You’re on your own there…..

  2. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

    As for the dog, I think it’s a mixture of us not really being used to his “I have to pee” signals and him being not that excited about peeing in the cold. It’s a little aggravating, but, in the scheme of things, at least it’s resolvable with a mop.

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