I’ll Just Be Over Here, Throwing Up

The car is in the shop today. The problem is expensive.

And the plumber came by the house this afternoon and the two-year-old bullshit thing on top of my water heater is fucked. As is the 60 year old bullshit thing in the crawlspace. And my crawlspace has a glacier. A glacier, people! You want to see a river of ice? Fuck going clear to Canada. Just go stare in my crawlspace.

To get that shit fixed? More than the car.

You know that feeling when you’re just cresting the hill on the roller coaster and your stomach goes up to your throat and your head goaes all woozy and you just have to wait to hit bottom, because there’s no getting out of it?

That’s how I feel.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Just Be Over Here, Throwing Up

  1. It’s okay. I’m really, really grateful for how last year went down, because I wouldn’t be in the financial shape to take this hit if people hadn’t saved my ass on the ceiling front. This sucks, but man, it could be so much worse.

  2. these situations suck. & in the middle of a crisis, I have to remind myself to put things in perspective. i.e. “nobody died”, etc

    It’s funny too how when I need a chunk of money suddenly a freelance gig materializes. I have a feeling something will happen for you to take up the slack.

    In the words of Stefan Sagmeister “worrying solves nothing”.

    hang in there.

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