Things that Give Me Feelings About the Dog

When we first got him, he was indifferent to hard treats, but loved (and still prefers) soft treats. He’d obviously never encountered hardwood floors before.

And today, I saw him doing a thing that is obviously new to him–sticking his head out the car window. The dog he goes to the park with showed him how and he’s been, according to the Butcher, practicing doing it some since then. And it makes him so happy. I’m going to have to take a picture, because it will make your whole day to see not just the ordinary bliss you expect to see on a dog with his head out the window, but the open wonder at it.

Also, today, our friend M. gave him a bag of rawhide bones and you’d have thought he encountered an old friend. He’s carrying one around and chewing on it and carrying it around and then just looking at it and smiling. I think he not only liked it, but he recognized it. It was something he’s enjoyed and was happy to see we have here.

It’s weird to get a dog as old as him, to know he had some whole life before us where he had likes and dislikes and knows things we can only guess at and doesn’t know things we can only guess at.

But, I tell you, when you see a dog new to the whole putting your head out the window thing, it does something to your heart.


3 thoughts on “Things that Give Me Feelings About the Dog

  1. We weren’t looking for a mature dog, but, when you meet him, you see that he’s definitely a dog that should have a home. And we were a home that needed a dog. So it worked out nicely.

  2. You’re making him sound like like Grandpa Rufus. He has the energy of a teenager. And the way he looks at, listens to, and follows the butcher around makes me think those two were meant to be together. With all the nature walks, treats and attention, I’m sure he thinks he has already hit the lottery — but he has NO IDEA that spring is coming and I’ve got a pontoon boat. I just can’t get enough of this dog. I’m glad he fits in so well.

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