One Hurdle Down

Things are a little bananas here. But I’m doing the “power poses” the Butcher taught me–which I guess the theory behind is that, if you stand like Superman for two minutes before you do something hard, you will have already done something so ridiculous that it will give you the confidence to get through the difficult thing.

So, I’m over the first hurdle, anyway.

Sorry to both be so vague and to need to blog about it. But them’s the breaks. Them’s. That’s right. Those are the breaks. Them’s. I don’t know. It looks weird. But I think it’s right.

I Wrote a Thing about Pop

Over at Pith. The pop thing makes sense if you realize that there’s been a push to get pop excluded from items you can buy with your EBT card. So, of course, we must see what a true evil pop is, so that the push makes sense. But, as always, the push is being made by people who are self-evidently not very aware of shopping.. So, the credulousness of hearing that people put 15 cases of pop in a shopping cart, instead of them demanding to see how that’s done. The Butcher and I were thinking that it really depends on the size of the cart. The carts at Kroger, that narrow down in the front, will fit two, maybe three, depending on how shallow the basked is, cases underneath. But you can’t lay the case flat, because of the tapering of the basket, so it’s got to be up on its side. Two, maybe three in the basket. Then, maybe you could stack three more on top of that foundation? We’re talking maybe 10, at most. If the basket is square, and you can stack flat? I don’t know. I’m still thinking you’re only getting a six case pile in the basket.

I would love to see Kevin Williamson try it himself. That would, for me, be comedy gold.