One Hurdle Down

Things are a little bananas here. But I’m doing the “power poses” the Butcher taught me–which I guess the theory behind is that, if you stand like Superman for two minutes before you do something hard, you will have already done something so ridiculous that it will give you the confidence to get through the difficult thing.

So, I’m over the first hurdle, anyway.

Sorry to both be so vague and to need to blog about it. But them’s the breaks. Them’s. That’s right. Those are the breaks. Them’s. I don’t know. It looks weird. But I think it’s right.


2 thoughts on “One Hurdle Down

  1. ok, I’m totally stealing that superman pose. So brilliant! I have a hurdle tomorrow and I’m going to try it out.
    Them’s as good as those at least around these parts…:)

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