An Observation

I have been dealing with a lot of disparate things this week that, weirdly, all boil down to the person sitting across from me or next to me wanting to be acknowledged as the most important person in the room.

It’s kind of bothersome, on the one hand. On the other hand, you take the breath necessary to refill your lungs, you know? So, how unimportant must you feel, when you sit with yourself quietly, if, when you are noisy, your every noise is to reconfirm how important you are?

This makes me sound rather sanguine about the whole situation, like some great master of calm. But I’m finding it irritating and hilarious, sometimes both together.

It’s Only Wednesday

It seems impossible that I’m only 2/5ths done with this work week. But it’s nice to have all my goals and ambitions reduced to “make it through this week.” I mean it. There’s a kind of clarity that comes from “just get through this and we’ll worry about this other shit on Saturday or something.”