Well, Since Yesterday Was Wednesday

It makes logical sense that today is only Thursday. Still, I woke up thinking that it must be Friday. In fact, I know I spent much of yesterday afternoon thinking it was Thursday afternoon. So, on the one hand, I’m not behind on work things, since I got everything that needed to be done by Friday morning done yesterday. On the other hand, somehow, this has been the longest week ever.

But, since, somehow, this week had all this time added into it, I am almost done with the red afghan. I just have to tuck the ends. And take a picture of the front and back so you can see how it turned out. I love it. And the best part is that the Red-headed Kid showed me a picture of his room and it matches! Some day I’ll get tired of making afghans like this, but it’s not today.

I also received a really nice compliment on a short story of mine. Which does me good, because it hasn’t sold yet, so I was starting to worry.

And I got felt out about doing a book thing in Memphis, so that’s exciting.

And, and, when I took the dog out to pee last night, I didn’t bother to put him on a leash, because fuck it and he went out and peed and then came right back to me standing there in the driveway and I was all “Who’s a good boy?” and he said, “A good boy? Where? I love meeting new people.” and all the coyotes sang around us and it was glorious.

Here’s what you need to know to understand how things are working with Sonnyboy and us. If Sonnyboy were a person, he’d call me “Miss Betsy” and the Butcher “bro” or “dude.”

Here’s another thing. If 2013 was just what it took to get ready for the big changes of 2014, I will be more at peace with 2013. I will not forgive it for sending the Professor too far away from me to have emergency lunches when I need to vent and process, but I can overlook a lot of the rest of the nonsense. As long as the changes of 2014 are good, I guess I should say.


One thought on “Well, Since Yesterday Was Wednesday

  1. The dog’s forms of address are perfect. Spot goddamn on. I can picture him with you both so well, knowing this.

    Also, I am 900% with you on hoping that 2013 was some kind of necessary and unskippable prelude to a better 2014. Hell to the yeah, please let it be so.

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