Ta-Da, The Red Afghan is Done

The Red-headed Kid is mere moments from getting it. As always, the thing I like about this afghan is just how different the front and back look. Two afghans for the work of one, which, when you’re crocheting is about the opposite of how it usually works.

red back red front


Why Am I Doing This Again?

The unbloggable situation still drags out. Until Tuesday, at least. I am stressed and terrified, but, since I can only be stressed and terrified for so long, I’m mostly just tired. Very, very tired.

I really think everything is going to work out for the best, but the things that are happening before that? I’m learning some things I wish I didn’t know, for sure.

But I think the things I’m learning are supposed to scare me or make me feel undermined. And, instead, I’m bewildered and amused.

It’s kind of nice to have the distraction from the stress and fear.

Another Red Afghan

The stress continues and will until at least Tuesday. There’s some bewildering stuff going on over which I have no control, so I guess let’s just think positive thoughts about how nice it would be if everyone got back exactly what they put out into the world.

My other old grad school roommate is having a baby. I started on an afghan for her last night because I needed something simple to do while I was watching Sleepy Hollow–a show I love and fret about all the time. Which means the Red-Headed Kid’s afghan is sitting here, maybe still just an hour from completion. But maybe tonight.

Anyway, I’m making the baby a simple red afghan, probably with a navy blue border, though, if I don’t have enough red, it might also have to have a blue stripe.