I didn’t have a very restful sleep. I dreamed really long, vivid interconnected dreams. In the first one, I was in the middle of some 70s-style raping serial-killing small town, trapped in a house with raping serial-killers and, though I had not yet been raped or serial killed, I was next in line after they were done raping and serial-killing Santa. I managed to escape, which is when I discovered that everyone in town was a part of the raping, serial-killing cult, as they all chased me down alleys and over chain-link fences and through yards.

And, somehow, the not being caught yet, but knowing I was inevitably going to be caught was worse than being caught. And yet, I couldn’t stop running. And then I realized it was a dream, so all I had to do was wake up and escape it. So, I woke up (only not) only to discover that I was in some home of my parents that I had never myself lived in and I was late for a job interview, but all the clothes I had that were appropriate were from when I was in high school and they all were sparkly. And I didn’t have the same piercings that I have in real life, so I couldn’t figure out what earrings to wear, which is how I realized I was still, in fact, dreaming. When I thought “These aren’t the ways my ears are pierced in real life.”

Anyway, one way or another, this should be the resolution of this particular batch of things, today. Keep your fingers crossed for me.