In Weird, Nice News

At least ten people seem to have gotten A City of Ghosts for Christmas this year. That’s really nice. I’m glad to see that still chugging along at its own speed.

It may not be for everybody, but the people who like it seem to really like it.

2 thoughts on “In Weird, Nice News

  1. Lost my hard copy awhile back so I picked up the Kindle version. And my hard copy showed up not long after. This is one of the rare times I didn’t mind buying it twice because I tell myself I just bought you a beer.

  2. I wish! This month all that money is going to paying my massive power bill. And considering how cold it is currently and my efforts to keep my garage above 32, I need Groundhog’s Day to instantly develop into a gift-giving holiday, as well. Ha ha ha.

    But that is really, really awesome. Thanks.

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