Two More Things on That Thing

This and this. I especially want to get back to the second one, because I think it articulates more clearly part of what I’ve been wrestling with–the role of certainty in this whole thing.


One thought on “Two More Things on That Thing

  1. Eh, people are complaining that the second dude is a turd-burger. I don’t really know him or read him. I just think he raises some interesting points in that post–mainly about the ways in which things catch on and spread on Twitter, but by people who are like “Wow, wrong is being done” and people who are like “How could this have happened? I would never…”

    And, like I keep coming back to, I just no longer believe the “I would never…” part. You might know with firm confidence that you would never do x to y, but, like I said, I just think every single one of us has some massive blind spot that would let us do x to someone. Part of being a responsible non-douche is to try to figure out what’s in your blindspot so that you lessen the chances of doing x. But it’s very hard.

    Seeing others as fully human, with a right to their own lives, and not things that are put here to serve our needs is the fundamental challenge of being a thinking person, I think. One we’re trained against repeatedly and one we fail at constantly. And I guess I just don’t trust people who think they’re never going to fuck up.

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