The Other Mason’s Restaurant

Not this one, but the one in the Lowe’s hotel. My co-worker has been talking all week about their Kopecky chicken sandwich and, on Friday, we decided we were going to have it. Well, we get there and it’s not on the menu. But the chef is there so he’s just going to whoop it up for us. And he did!

And then he came out and talked to us!

It was so weird and awesome. I mean, it’s not like you can’t talk to the cook at the Goodlettesville Mason’s, but you can see right in the kitchen there. Anyway, the Lowe’s Mason’s. He told us where our meat had come from and some of his thinking behind this spicy chicken dish he serves at the bar and it was just really, really cool.

So, even thought they’re very different dining experiences and only one features prominently in a ghost story I wrote, I can now recommend both restaurants named “Mason’s” in the area.