Hit By a Metaphorical Bus

I woke up in the middle of the night not last night but the night before to a round of sneezing, which, let me tell you, is not awesome in a CPAP mask. Then I got up for the day, and it was obvious that I had some kind of cold. Even though, when I went to bed, I felt utterly fine. I spent all day in a kind of weird stupor and then went to bed about eight. I got up at a quarter to seven. I feel better. But I feel like… ugh… like I’ve just been majorly sick for days. So, that’s really weird. Since the whole thing was just a day, at most.

So, that was a waste of a day. Which, coupled with the fact that I spent Saturday goofing off, means not much got done around here. By me, anyway. The Butcher found someone to come and get the camper and now our back yard is camper free. I have mixed feelings. I’m glad to see it go, but, that means our family is really done camping. My parents are going to stay indoors on vacations now. There’s no joining them on long terrible adventures.

It’s weird how life can sometimes feel like just days stacked on weeks of doing the same or similar shit over and over again and yet, somehow, even quietly, things change dramatically.