An Office of One’s Own

I’m still trying to settle on the problem of how to write here at home when the Butcher is here. And I’m thinking of actually setting up the den like a den. Using it as an office. Which would mean cleaning it out somewhat and putting the drums away. But would also mean, I think, moving the desk so that I could look out the window.

I need to be making a list of thing that need to be done at work, too, when it comes to moving offices. One thing I like about how my office is set up now is that I don’t feel like being at my computer means having my back to the world. But it then means, when people come to talk to me, I have to look at them around my computer. I’d like to find some way to both have my computer facing out and be able to meet with people without barriers between us.

It’s weird to think about how I want to inhabit a space. Mostly, I just let the Butcher figure out how things in a room need to go and settle in to whatever he’s figured out. I guess I could do that for the offices, too. Ha ha.

2 thoughts on “An Office of One’s Own

  1. In years as a magazine editor-in-chief, my solution to that one was to have the computer desk on the side wall. That is-window was to one side, door to the other; it was towards neither of those but facing the room. I could turn to the computer to work–but it wasn’t in the way at all when someone sat next to or across from the wing of my desk that came out into the room; it was to the side, and I’d just turn in my chair. If that’s not clear, I think there are pictures

  2. I am always thinking about how to inhabit a space, and working at home has been an interesting challenge. The desk is facing the same wall that the door is on (so the door is to the right of my desk), and the windows are behind me on the opposite wall. I set it up this way so that I have to force myself to stop and turn around to look outside. This way, I’m actually taking a break and not faking it, if that makes sense.

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