The Song of Her People

Considering what a terrible, unproductive waste of a weekend this was and how both tired and unable to sleep I have been, I was not amused to be woken up at five this morning to a singing cat. My first thought was that it was the fire alarm running out of battery life. But no, it was just the squeaky cat squeaking up a storm. It woke the Butcher up, too, and he got up and I heard him rumbling around the house. That seemed to quiet the new kitty down.

When I got up just now, I saw the dead mouse on the dining room floor. Good job, new kitty! And I can’t fault you for bragging triumphantly about it, considering how brave you had to be to hunt, on the ground, where the big, scary dog might get you.

The big scary dog, who did not bother to get up and even explore why you were singing.

Anyway, as they say about both mice and deer–where you see one, there’s another, so I set the trap and put it in the silverware drawer, which seems to be where the mice like to get when they get in the house.

I also want credit, for the record, for fixing the toilet AND setting a mouse trap, even though I still feel like crap.

3 thoughts on “The Song of Her People

  1. When I’m sick I don’t do more than is absolutely necessary.
    So the fact that you bothered to set a mouse trap is amazing to me. (I’d have probably just hoped a dog would eat the mouse corpse so I wouldn’t have to throw it outside.)

  2. We had mice when we first moved in. Our kitchen was on an outside wall, so we packed all the possible cracks inside the cabinets where we found mouse poop, and one crack we found outside that might have been letting them in, with steel wool. No mice since, been two years. Our yard is well-supplied with feral cats who wander through, so I figure they keep them down also.

  3. We get mice just once a year and, embarrassingly enough, they seem to come in through the garage door–like someone (not me this time!) forgets to shut the door to the garage tight and that lets them just waltz right in, into the paws of new kitty.

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