Oh, god, the other two stories in the Scene this morning are perfect. They have one on Wessyngton and the tremendous work John Baker has done to bring the stories of the people enslaved there to light and the cool new exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum on it. And then they have one on the work just getting started at Belle Meade to provide a more complete look at the lives of the slaves there. And then there’s mine on the slaves of the Corporation and the work that needs to be done on them.

I’m really pleased.

2 thoughts on “Allen

  1. All three pieces are fascinating. There’s a lot more depth about slavery that needs to be talked about even if it is “upsetting and uncomfortable”.

    And the phrase “stolen life” makes me go ‘oh’. It hits an emotion center.

  2. You should be, B. How you even were able to see to take notes on this is beyond my ken. I couldn’t have seen through my tears. My response to reading your article was the same. You broke our hearts. And they need breaking, for Allen.

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