Bah, This Year

I was thinking of thinking of this year as the year of big changes. But between the car repair bill and the plumbing bill and the heating bill in January and the heating bill and the tax bill here in February, I think this may be the year that takes all my fucking money.

I’m depressed. I know I should be relieved that I had a plan to have a little extra money set aside in order to take care of a couple of non-essential things and thus have the money to cover this essential shit. But I’m bummed.

And there’s some fucked up in my student loan, them saying I’m overdue, when they pull my loan payment straight from my account. So, I have to call on Monday and see what that’s about.

I know, I know, I know this is a better feeling than the one where they send you overdue notices and you know it’s because you haven’t paid them.

I know all this shit is supposed to make me feel like a responsible person–my financial issues are all manageable these days. But I still hate it.