The Car

You guys, when I got home last night, Sonny Boy was so excited. He rushed out into the garage and I thought he was going to be all “Oh, hey, B., it’s you.” But no, he was all “Oh, car! Car! Car, car, car, car, car, car, car. How I’ve missed you. How I’d like to go for a ride. Car, you are so awesome.”

And then he wouldn’t come out of the garage.

The Butcher told me he hung out in the garage all day, too. Like he was just sad his buddy was gone and waiting for it to get back.

So, the ranking, as far as I can tell is 1. The Butcher 2. The Car 3. Barking at the Whole World Like a Joyous Buffoon 4. Me 5. Treats.

I can live with that, I guess.