Things to Read

1. I laughed so hard when I came up with this headline and then I couldn’t actually think of anything else to say about it. It just sums the whole problem up.

2. Stonehenge really rocks? I mean, like musically?

3. Rep. Rick Womick pulled a gun out during a meeting at the state capitol. See, this is the thing. He thinks he’s a responsible gun owner. When he’s legislating about where guns go, he is, in fact, thinking, “People like me will be carrying guns,” not realizing how fucking terrifying his behavior is.


2 thoughts on “Things to Read

  1. Did he refer to the others in the gallery as “consarned idjit galoots” and begin firing his six guns into the air?

  2. Apparently he was in his office, meeting with constituents he disagreed with. Which I think is a threat, but no one seems to be reacting like an elected official went all mafioso on someone. So, it’s baffling.

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