I Swear, the Butcher is Magic

I’m sitting here last night kind of failing to work on my afghan (turns out it’s hard to work on an afghan when you’re playing Civilization) and I get a text from the Butcher. He has found someone to get me some headshots. Sunday at 4. At no cost to me, because he “has taken care of it.”

I am looking at all the other headshots involved in this thing I need a headshot for and, at this point, I’m just hoping for something that makes me look friendly and approachable. I’ve studied the genre and the trope seems to be–stand by a wall, cover your double chin, get shot from above. If you have long hair, let it hang loose and flowing. If you have a beard, rock it. I don’t think I can grow a whole beard before tomorrow. But maybe one chin hair?

I wonder if it would be funny to try to get a headshot that embodied all the rules at once?