Rock City Marches

I’m on a side mission to track down the music the Rock City Guards would have heard at their great public marches. And it turns out that there’s at least four possible pieces of music! I can’t tell if they might all be variations on a theme (though I don’t think so), but one is a march in 6/8 time, which, ugh, just shoot me now. I can’t imagine trying to march to that.


Me and Venus

It was so dark on my walk this morning. And yet, somehow I still missed it when the stars faded and only Venus was left.

So, that was the end of True Detective. I liked it but I didn’t love it. The hallucination could not have been cheesier. And I feel pretty sure that those injuries were life-ending. But the maze was creepy as fuck and so sad.

I don’t know. I just really felt like, in part, we were being lead toward Hart’s daughter being at least tangentially involved–girls from school talking about it and upsetting her, at least.

But I was glad to have my walk. It’s very dark out there, but noisy. Someone was snorting in the bushes when I walked by.