Me and Venus

It was so dark on my walk this morning. And yet, somehow I still missed it when the stars faded and only Venus was left.

So, that was the end of True Detective. I liked it but I didn’t love it. The hallucination could not have been cheesier. And I feel pretty sure that those injuries were life-ending. But the maze was creepy as fuck and so sad.

I don’t know. I just really felt like, in part, we were being lead toward Hart’s daughter being at least tangentially involved–girls from school talking about it and upsetting her, at least.

But I was glad to have my walk. It’s very dark out there, but noisy. Someone was snorting in the bushes when I walked by.


2 thoughts on “Me and Venus

  1. I had lots of minor issues with True Detective, but my major issues with the ending both end up having to do with the portrayal of women. Which pisses me off, because I’ve been arguing–ever since the issue first came up–that the show didn’t have a problem with women. It was just Hart and Cohle. Boy, was I deeply wrong!

    First up, the story we saw of Hart’s daughter was utter, exploitative bullshit. Either she should have been a part of the cult or molested herself in some unrelated way, but it showed that Hart was missing out on his daughter’s suffering while enmeshed in the same suffering of other little girls, or that storyline shouldn’t have happened. Everything we saw about that girl indicated that something had gone very wrong for her, possibly very early.

    But no! It just turns out that an interest in sex is just women being crazy. Over and over. Every woman on that show who shows any interest in sex is crazy, as if wanting pleasure is a symptom of mental illness.

    Second, the half-sister. Every person this killer encounters ends up dead and pinned to something in his giant Carcosa nest, except her. And she’s not also, at least in part, a villain? We all sat there convinced that she was going to shoot Hart when he was moving through the house. But no. No, of course a woman can’t be a co-conspirator in evil. Just a victim.

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