Rock City Marches

I’m on a side mission to track down the music the Rock City Guards would have heard at their great public marches. And it turns out that there’s at least four possible pieces of music! I can’t tell if they might all be variations on a theme (though I don’t think so), but one is a march in 6/8 time, which, ugh, just shoot me now. I can’t imagine trying to march to that.


3 thoughts on “Rock City Marches

  1. Wikipedia says lots of marches are in 6/8. If I recall my old musical theory, there should be two strong beats per measure in something written in 6/8. (DA ta ta Da ta ta) so I’m guessing marching to something written in 6/8 its probably those strong beats that matter and no one is actually taking 6 steps per measure?

  2. Oh, that makes sense. I was thinking you’d end up basically in 3/4 time and the idea of marching with your front foot changing each measure was distressing me.

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