The First Item on My To-Do List is “Make a To-Do List.” The Next Item is “Panic.”

Oh, lord, people, I am already feeling like I got hit by a metaphorical ton of bricks and I am not nearly done with the things I have to do. But I do need to sit down and make a list and then just start plowing through those things.

Anyway, the meeting with the artists for Project X was amazing. Oh, you guys. I can’t even tell you. There’s a creepy church and a huge wolf that somehow appears to be made mostly of empty spaces. Dr. Jack’s pseudo-veve for raising the devil is so fucking thoughtful–the shape of the symbol intentionally looks like looking at a wolf head on. There’s a wolf tarot card that is just so fucking awesome. And the moon in it is mindblowing. And then the art for Mrs. Overton’s section brings her to life. Like, I just saw it and was like “Man, this section went from nothing to being a portrait of this woman’s soul.” We still have two parts that don’t have art, but we’re getting a map for the one and they have an idea they want to talk to a paper maker about for the other–making paper from “the coat of Mr. Merritt.” Which, granted, since you haven’t read the story doesn’t mean much. But I’m blown away.

And, if we do some kind of crowd-funding for the project, I’m going to make the new version of Allendale one of the gifts.

The pain in my hip that I’ve been suffering from all week finally went away, but my hip muscles are now grouching because they’re sore from compensating for the hip pain. And, though this was annoying, it made me laugh.

I have the day off today, so I have to run a billion errands and read a book on tattoos. And make my to-do list. And panic.