5 thoughts on “Another Think Progress Thing

  1. I’m glad you wrote about this because I had to set my feelings about it aside to watch TD. I also had to set aside my feelings about women being background and decorative, but I knew that, at least, would get a fair amount of coverage.

    I really liked TD, but good grief.

  2. The thing that bothered me so much about the show was that, up until the last episode, I was convinced that there was some really smart metacommentary about women and poor people going on here. I fully expected the killer to be all like “My rich family has been raping and killing children for decades and it has driven me mad and, in order to get your attention so that you would look into the deaths of these children, I started staging murders you couldn’t ignore!!!!” Even until halfway through the last episode, I was like “Well, it’s not just going to be ‘Well, poor people suck. What do you expect?'” But it was!

  3. A friend and I were discussing this idea throughout–the idea that this was going to be smart metacommentary–and then we decided at the end of the 6th episode that that was probably definitely not the case.

    And it’s really painful because the entire structure for the metacommentary was actually in place. They could have done it fairly easily and still left room for Rust and Marty to do their Rust and Marty thing. But no: poor people suck, women are background noise, and poor women are The Worst Mothers In The World, apparently.

  4. Yes! I think this is the most remarkable thing about the show. Everything was in place to be a great send-up of all these terrible tropes, while still being a real suspenseful show. And it wasn’t even like they chickened out. It was like they didn’t even realize what they had.

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