That Sound You Hear is Just Me Screaming

Next week, folks. My new job starts next week. I would, I think, feel better if I didn’t know what I was doing. But, instead, I feel like I know enough to know that I’m just going to suck so bad for a little while.

The Butcher said I’m writing about “middle-aged people things” for Think Progress, which is depressing, but true. Here’s my latest post on Hannibal. He then lectured me about Vincent Van Gogh and accused me of being a dumbass for wanting to be a known writer.

So, that was a fun ride to work. Mostly, though, my writing anxiety revolves a lot around the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing.

And what if “Frank” was as good as it gets? Talent is finite and I spent mine on one zombie story?

In other news, I’m listening exclusively to songs written in 5/4 for lunch today. I need to remember to ask @txmere if there’s any well-known dance that is done in 5/4.


5 thoughts on “That Sound You Hear is Just Me Screaming

  1. “Coffee Time,” a Fred Astaire number from Yolanda and the Thief, is interesting because it’s danced to a
    4/4 piece of music, but the dancers are choreographed in 5/4 to give the viewer the sensation of unsettled
    jittery sped-up-ness that comes with too much caffeine.

  2. I guess it depends upon your definition of “well-known.” There’s not a type of dance like waltz or swing or tango, no. But as others have mentioned, you can probably find some kind of routine choreographed to that time signature. (Engaged people used to come to me all the time to teach them whatever dance would work with whatever cockamamie piece of music they thought would be an awesome first dance and my first response was so often, “. . . ” But I did it. Was usually a modified foxtrot.)

    That’s the catch-22 of my old job. You certainly never wanted to discourage someone getting out and dancing, especially since they’d already worked up the courage to walk through the door. On the other hand, you tell me: Does Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place” make you want to jump up and dance? (Note: no one came to me with *that* song, but it is 10/4 which could be danced to 5/4. If you really wanted to.)

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