So, my lunchtime experiment of listening to songs in 5/4 was pretty interesting. But actually the video nm posted was more helpful. On my walk this morning, I tried it out–moving like those dancers move–to see if I thought a marching band could be set off to a march in 5/4. It felt plausible to me. There’s a noise a band makes when it’s marching and, if you’ve been in one, you know what I mean–that quiet schup schup schup schup of people taking steps the same size at the same time. And walking in 5/4, in the manner of the dancers, gives you a sound more like schup schup schup schup pip, but it’s a noise you can get used to, a rhythm that’s easy enough to fall into.

One thought on “5/4

  1. Oh, I’m glad it was helpful. I was actually disappointed because I couldn’t (quickly) come up with any faster dances done in 5/4, but I guess something at walking-pace was more what you wanted anyway. Note that there’s an area of Poland-Ukraine-Russia that uses the meter for wedding processional songs, too.

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