2 thoughts on “Think Progress: Cosmos

  1. While watching the latest episode I turned to my husband and said, “Carl Sagan didn’t have to waste all this time refuting nonsense. This country has really gone down the tubes since then to make Tyson’s approach necessary.” I mean, he’s doing a most enjoyable job at the refutation, but the way that the anti-science crowd has convinced so many people to join with their willful ignorance, instead of being a few cranks here and there the say they used to be, is mighty depressing.

  2. Yeah, and the thing is that I am finding it a little tedious that he’s so spot-on with attacking creationist ideas. Yes, we get it. The eyeball is fascinatingly not perfect. etc. But only a little tedious. Mostly, I find it interesting.

    But the thing I’m really curious about is how these prominent creationists can go on the radio or TV and tell their audience that the show isn’t addressing creationism. Because anyone even remotely familiar with creationism has to see that it is.

    I’m really interested in the ways people in our society get and maintain power through enacting abusive dynamics on larger scales. And charlatans are really good at gaslighting. So, there goes the Creationist Museum guy saying “They’re not even addressing creationism” when they are knowing that most of his listeners are going to go along with it.

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