Falling Short

Yesterday was not a good day. I’m completely freaked out about my ability to get through April in one piece and yesterday just made it seem like I was in over my head and destined to fail.

I don’t really feel any more confident in my ability to get my head above water today. But at least today I feel like I at least have a better sense of what needs to happen in April and what things I can get started now.

I don’t know. Who knows? Maybe it will go easier than I think. But here’s the thing. We have two seasons. Each season has ten to twelve books on it. In April, we’re getting seven books in from the printer. A fully staffed department that knew what it was doing would have trouble getting those all in and then back out the door.

So… yeah.

We’ll see how this goes.

3 thoughts on “Falling Short

  1. I repeatedly learn that absolutely nothing is as hard in real life as it is in my head. Life is difficult but my most reliable super power is the ability to believe things are going to more painful, harder, or scarier than they really are. Every damn time.
    Also if I make a mistake all is lost and the world will never be right again. So far, wrong every time.

  2. Also, you know that April will be stressful, but at the end of it you will have a clear idea of what parts of the job make the most sense to turn over to the new asst. and what the priorities are in training said asst. Which doesn’t much help you now but is not nothing.

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