All My Stuff Has Made It To My Office

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3 thoughts on “All My Stuff Has Made It To My Office

  1. Looking good in the big time corner office!
    good job with the big calendars
    but it seems that you have not only acquired more furniture, you’ve also acquired more papers, binders, and books to fill much of that furniture too.

  2. Ha! My monitor sits atop a thick book too. You’d think the people that design these things would at least make them tall enough to see over the top of a laptop screen.

  3. The Professor, those are just the books from my office. I have ended up with many more files, but for the good of the world!

    Beth, no kidding. I don’t put my tv on the floor and stare down at it. Why they think I want to stare down at my computer all day is beyond me.

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