Game of WTF?

I don’t watch “Game of Thrones,” but I just want to say this. If you run a show and you say something like “the scene wasn’t rape, because by the end of the sex, she wanted it,” you, sir, are a dumbass. The idea that you can fuck your way into a yes is really, really disturbing. And probably something you should think long and hard about.


2 thoughts on “Game of WTF?

  1. Technically, it was the episode director and not one of the show runners. Not that it matters much to your point.

    That scene was very disturbing and I can’t help but wonder why the show added it when it wasn’t in the book. It definitely changes the arc of one particular character pretty significantly. (I suspect we both just read the same Rosenberg article.)

  2. I watched the scene in question and I was scratching my head, as well. I wanted to give the show the benefit of the doubt for trying to illustrate that the female character was willing, but highly dubious about the setting. It’s an unconvincing rationalization: rape is rape. Also, I agree with you, W. That scene definitely doesn’t make sense considering what the male character was and what he becomes in the books.

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