First Iris

A lot of places already have irises in bloom, but I’m still in my own little subclimate where this is the first one. Saw it this morning.

first iris

4 thoughts on “First Iris

  1. That’s beautiful! Have I made you listen to me go on and on about flowers here? It started with the irises on campus – in late February no less. There were dozens and dozens and many were bigger than my head. When the roses started to bloom a few weeks ago (after forced into dormancy in December), I about fell over and often took to walking the long way places just to walk past the rose gardens here. But I swear everything flowers here, everything. I feel like I remember you feeling when you first moved into your house and got to see all what was planted there.

  2. The ones I got from you have never bloomed yet. Of course, almost none of the other irises I have ever planted ever bloom, either. They do put out nice leaves, though. It’s just one of those mysteries.

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