After Further Study

Look at how that dog runs. That is not how Rufus runs (though he is getting better at it). He runs more like a rabbit, bringing both legs up and putting them on the ground at the same time and putting his front paws down also almost simultaneously.

I did not shoot a video of Sonnyboy running (but I will, oh yes, I will, if I remember to get my phone out) but I did find this video of some lab puppies running and, just as I said, Sonnyboy fucking runs like a puppy.

So, imagine this, but at one hundred pounds:

Also, on our way into work, we saw a regular lab and I shouted at the Butcher, “Look! See?” Meaning “I told you our dog is huger than that!” (I’m pleased to see WordPress recognizes huger as a word.) and the Butcher said “Woah, twice that!” meaning, Sonnyboy was twice that size.

I kind of hope Sonnyboy never learns to run right, because how he runs makes me laugh..