A New Ancestry Contender Emerges

rufus happy

I believe it was S. who asked if Sonnyboy could be part Great Pyrenees. Here’s the reasons why not. Great Pyrenees have double dew claws on their hind legs. Sonnyboy has no dewclaws on his back legs.

Things in favor. Sonnyboy weighs 100 lbs. He has thicker, almost mane-like fur around his neck, and most importantly, the exact same nose.

So, now I’m leaning away from big hound toward Great Pyrenees. They’re not incredibly common dogs, in general, but a lot of farmers around here have them in with their goats.

Also, a pug tried to bite him on the head today, but he remained unfazed. It cracks me up how much he wants the cats to like him and how unconcerned he is with other dogs.