3 thoughts on “Banning Books

  1. I commented that a few years back there was someone in Tennessee (Williamson County I believe) that tried to get To Kill a Mockingbird banned because it contained the n-word, thereby missing the entire point of the book. Some of the comments remind me of that. Also, I’m guessing at least one or two of those commenters would also have a problem with TKaM because it makes it sound like African-Americans were not perfectly happy under Jim Crow before the evil federal gub’mint intervened with our states’ rights.

  2. I pretty much agree with the first one. I don’t agree with the school board’s action and I’m going to write my rep about it, but I definitely see the distinction between what a kid sees and hears in pop culture and what is essentially endorsed by the school system.

  3. _The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian_ is such a great book. Evrything I’ve read by Alexie is great, but that one especially. That’s all I got. Don’t ban books, the end.

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