Better and Worse

I think in most ways, I’ve become a better writer. Even if at only the level of “I finish what I start.” But I need to send the Sue project out. And I’m dreading it. Just going to be months of rejection. And yet, you only get acceptance through rejection.

Still, I can’t make a summary of the story work for me. Nothing I write gets at what I think is the charm of the story–this sprawling weird layering of tales and ghosts and history. Instead, it all sounds like some kind of YA adventure.

So, I’m a little bummed. And struggling.

2 thoughts on “Better and Worse

  1. Well, YA stuff is selling really well these days, so that’s not all bad….

    Start the pitch with the layering: it’s about Nashville, and history, and stories, and the stories we tell ourselves about our history, and a time-traveling young adult who gets caught up in the stories and the history both.

  2. And ghosts. I forgot them. It’s about Nashville, and stories, and ghosts, and history, and the stories we and the ghosts tell about history. And the time-traveling YA.

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